surprising lack of interest in G5 review

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Re: G5 is just a Repackage G3 without sensor improvements

The G5 is really a better camera then the G3.

The G5 is more fun to use:
- improved ergonomics in many ways (grip, placement of shutter button..)
- faster in many ways
- Better LCD, with improved UI
- new function lever is nice for exposure compensation
And a lot more:
More Dynamic range at low ISO (more important then noise at ISO6400), better video, better battery, in-camera HDR, eye proximity sensor,level gauge, electronic shutter...

Could not have put it better myself.

Calling the G5 a repackaged G3 is too harsh. If anything, it is an improved, cost reduced and size reduced GH2 in a brand new and much more ergonomic body (except it has lost the multi aspect feature on the sensor, but so has the GH3). For me, it is the m43 camera that feels nicest in the hand, and thats a very important point. Its the first of the "mini SLR" style Panasonics that I can hold securely and still reach the shutter button comfortably with my index finger.

If I was buying into m43 today, and the G5 standard kit included the newly announced 14-42 Mk II, it would be the one I'd go for. I don't think I could justify the £100 extra for the E-PL5.

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