GX1– still a good buy in 2013?

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Re: GX1– still a good buy in 2013?

Chas2 wrote:

thetrystero wrote:

How does/will it compare with the eos m or any other potential m4/3 coming out this year?

I'm not sure how the gx2 would be priced but I assume out of reach for at least 6months.

The gx1 twin kit lens can be had for a little under usd$500 (converted from aussie dollars) which is round about my budget.

The two things I don't like about the gx1 is the lack of 180 swivel (lots of self cam) and low res LCD. Can I correct these two flaws with anything that's in the same price range?

I think it depends on your comfort level. The GX1 is a generation behind, but it is still not a bad camera. I bought a new GH1 in 2011 for $300 and so long as I am not in high ISO situations, it is still a great camera, with nice ergonomics. I bought a GX1 in late 2011 for less than $300 and I am really enjoying it. The GX1 sensor is a step up, 16 mp derivative of a GH2, and works quite well in comparison to the older GH1. The pinnacle of MFT sensors is now the OMD Sony Sensor and maybe the new GH3, but there is quite a premium for those cameras. If you do not have any other camera, a GX1 is a great little machine. That is my 2 cents

The GX1 sensor is not as good as the GH2 sensor - I have both. It's the same as the G3 sensor. GX1 sensor is looking dated now with it's most obvious weakness being it's limited DR compared to the latest GH3 andOM-D sensors and the old GH2 / G5 sensor. If you need the EVF it adds considerably to the cost and then the G3 looks much better value.I'd imagine a GX2 using the GH3 sensor is not far off now but with obviously crippled video capability i.e no manual exposure.

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