surprising lack of interest in G5 review

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Re: G5 is just a Repackage G3 without sensor improvements

007peter wrote:

Gunnlaugur Gudmundsson wrote:

Exactly. I'm not interested in a 2 yrs old Repackage camera at a higher price without sensor improvements.

The lack of excitement for G5 MIRROR the lackluster debut for Panasonic GF5

  • GF5 is just a repackeage GF3 with rubber grip
  • G5 is also a repackage G3 with a rubber grip

I havt yet to find any worthy upgrade in G5 over G3 to justify the expense. Making it worst is that G5 is 240% more expensive than an older G3 @B&H Video:

  • $598 Panasonic G5 Body
  • $249 Panasonic G3 Body

Without sensor improvements, G5 is vulnerable to the heavily discounted G3.

The G5 is really a better camera then the G3.
The G5 is more fun to use:
- improved ergonomics in many ways (grip, placement of shutter button..)
- faster in many ways
- Better LCD, with improved UI
- new function lever is nice for exposure compensation
And a lot more:
More Dynamic range at low ISO (more important then noise at ISO6400), better video, better battery, in-camera HDR, eye proximity sensor,level gauge, electronic shutter...

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