Basic advice needed: minimum set-up for indoor product shots

Started Feb 8, 2013 | Questions thread
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Basic advice needed: minimum set-up for indoor product shots


Moon on a stick time.  I need to take indoor shots of motorbikes and attached accessories for later clipping into InDesign. I have no experience of indoor photography (and this is a personal thing, not a paid for job - er, obviously)...

This is a bit of an experiment because the stock photos we have access to are good, just not quite the right specification but if this fails miserably I don't want to have thrown thousand of pounds at it.

We've built a little area where we'll have silk white plasterboard to three sides, and white paint on a concrete floor which I hope will be sufficient, but I need to light in sufficiently to take half decent shots.

What's the minimum I need to sufficiently light the scene? I'll be shooting with a 35mm prime lens, from around 2.5m, and the lighting needs to be either celing mounted or around 1m from the bike.

Would two 80cm soft boxes with 450w 5400k equivilent bulbs be sufficient to light the bike well, or am I massively underestimating it?

I really appreciate any help.



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