Are differences in lenses only seen at 100%?

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Re: Are differences in lenses only seen at 100%?

I think the differences in lenses is fairly clear to see, not only sharpness, but color, contrast and very much rendition, even at smallish monitor size.

If you go to any imag site and compare various lenses, sites such as pbase, even without viewing 100%, just at normal size, then assess differences, between lenses of same focal length, same aperture, then different focal lengths too, differences should be evident, unless specific lenses are very close in optical construction.

I am not saying that you will not get good images from some lenses, certainly unless a lens is fairly bad, you should be able to, particularly after post processing, but that there are clear differences in look, in affecting post processing decisions, in options for the image and in ability to create differently with different lenses.

Then, to compare for example, a consumer variable aperture zoom to a pro fast zoom is valid in absolute terms, but not comparative. Say $500 vs $1,500?

Obviously the pro zoom will have better optics, tolerances and just be faster with all that entails. For $1,000 more it should.

In this example, is the additional 1,000 a good value proposition for you, in money return terms  (if you do it for sale) or aesthetic terms?

Or would the consumer zoom together with a fast prime for another couple of hundred, be more suited to your needs?

That is a choice.

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