D600 . AF in tungsten light

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Not to difficult

This mirror reflects the light to the Af sensors on the bottom of the body. If the angle is a teenyweeny off, the AF sensors are not receiveing the light correctly. The sensors are probably affected most if the light is of a warm type, with relatively long wavelengths. But to some extent an error will most likely occur in any light. The error may be too small to notice in normal light, but pops up if the errors increase with this type of light. If the error is big enough in any light, you will probably have af adjusted the camera, which will of course, not hold in tungsten light.

I highly simplified it for sake of giving a simple answer. But you need to understand that other errors in the camera may interact, and some things may therefore look different. For instance, the af sensors may have been adjusted in the factory causing you to see no focus errors in normal light at all.


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