D600 . AF in tungsten light

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Re: Opinions or valuable information?

amobi wrote:

AllOtherNamesTaken wrote:

Steve Bingham wrote:

In tungsten the following lens seem to focus perfectly on my D600:

Nikon 24mm f1.4

Sigma 35mm f1.4

Nikon 70-200 f4

Imagine that! When I had the D7000 I read about people screaming about focus problems. I had none, as well as my many pro friends. Where the problems there for some? Sure. But I bet they were a small minority.

In general, forums such as this one are a terrible place to gather real information.

Let me offer some solid advice. ALWAYS check the source and qualifications of the person giving the information. If that is not possible than ignore the advice as worthless.

Everybody has an opinion!!!!!

I've been telling people this for as long as I can remember. Unfortunately it usually falls on deaf ears. The conclusions some people come to on here (Not referring to the OP, just in general) are laughable.

I am also someone with many Nikon bodies, all functioning flawlessly with all lenses (which also function flawlessly). Never had a single warranty issue in 10 years. None of my friends, family members, colleagues, or shooting partners (all Nikon) have had a single issue either. Some people just find it impossible to believe that there is a lot of perfectly functioning gear out there. To be honest though, I think half the time it's the user, not the camera, that needs fixing.

Simple human nature makes forums a TERRIBLE source of reliable statistical information. People post when they have a problem, never to say they are happy - that's how it works for just about everything. Also, as you say, nobody knows the credentials of the poster in most cases. Many of the D7000 "issues" turned out to be user error, but if you didn't read the threads and just scanned the thread titles, you'd think the D7000 was a lemon.

Man you are one lucky individual.

Well, he may be lucky, but in reality of course the great majority of Nikon gear is perfectly according to the specs. Otherwise Nikon would not exist any more.

Everything you touch, turn into gold.

Everything you own function flawlessly. Nikon should shut down their customer service department. I'm sure your D600 has no oil spots on the sensor.

He didn't say that, did he? There is no reason for this kind of sarcastic and provocative comments.

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