D600 . AF in tungsten light

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Re: Opinions or valuable information?

AllOtherNamesTaken wrote:

The conclusions some people come to on here (Not referring to the OP, just in general) are laughable.

I agree. That's why I am no longer interested in discussing these complains.

I am also someone with many Nikon bodies, all functioning flawlessly with all lenses (which also function flawlessly). Never had a single warranty issue in 10 years.

You are lucky. I am not saying Nikon is bad quality, but every camera/lens can fail some times, even if not abused. Though, I must say that during the 4 years of my own Nikon experience I have not had any issues yet. I sent in a lens once and the D300s twice for control, and they took it under warranty but that's all. I had more problems with Olympus before I bought the Nikon D300s in 2009.

None of my friends, family members, colleagues, or shooting partners (all Nikon) have had a single issue either.

They are also lucky. I know only 4 people who uses Nikon, one had warranty issues, so it happens that cameras/lenses break down.

Some people just find it impossible to believe that there is a lot of perfectly functioning gear out there.

Yes, I agree with you. Some people are really narrow minded and believe that just because they have problems everybody else should have them also. There is indeed gear which never must be serviced and never breaks down. In fact, the majority of the gear must be totally perfect otherwise Nikon would have gone bust by now.

To be honest though, I think half the time it's the user, not the camera, that needs fixing.

To be honest, I think MORE than half the time it's user error.

Simple human nature makes forums a TERRIBLE source of reliable statistical information. People post when they have a problem, never to say they are happy - that's how it works for just about everything.

Right. People who start a "like" thread are quickly called fanboys on forums. It's the disgusting truth. Nagging and whining is OK, liking is not. Sad that those are called "unbiased" while others, not agreeing with them often called "biased fanboys".

Also, as you say, nobody knows the credentials of the poster in most cases.

Exactly. I can't understand how people can take what they read on the Internet for granted without questioning the validity of data source, the "evidence" or the credibility/knowledge of a poster.

Many of the D7000 "issues" turned out to be user error, but if you didn't read the threads and just scanned the thread titles, you'd think the D7000 was a lemon.

I don't know the D7000, but this is definitely true about the D800 and the Nikon V1 as well. By looking only at the threads one should be scared away from everything Nikon makes. Yet mine works without a problem so far. If I'd trust every post I would definitely not have bought the V1 or the D800... The number of "issues" with these cameras are enormous.

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