surprising lack of interest in G5 review

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Re: I followed the link and read the review with great interest

Mike Ronesia wrote:

Hen3ry wrote:

My only criticism, on reflection, is perhaps idiosyncratic -- it didn’t say quite as much as I would like about JPEG image quality versus that of its competitor, Olympus. It said it was not quite as saturated but i would have liked a little more information.

I'm currently running an E-PL3 and the next step is either the G5 or an E-PL5. I am leaning G5-wards at the moment.

Cheers, geoff

If it is anything like the improvements the GH3 has you will be very happy. For my GH2 I have a workflow to correct colors and with the GH3 I rarely do anything and have been using the wifi to upload JPG's to facebook with no concerns. I would never do that with the GH2 if the feature was available. For me the GH3 JPG's are the best I've seen.

Ah but that's a combination of software and hardware, Mike, and while the Venus software might be very similar, the sensor in the G5 is different from that of the GH3, I believe. Which is a pity; as someone else remarked, Oly went right ahead and put the premium EM5 sensor in the PM2 and PL5.

BUT -- here’s hoping!

I am distant (about 3000 kms, maybe 4000!) from my preferred retailer in Sydney, Oz, but when I get down there, I'll stick my own SD card into a G5 and an E-PL3 and take a couple of pix, then compared them directly on my computer.

Always assuming i can afford a camera change by the time I get to Sydney! 

Cheers, geoff

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