surprising lack of interest in G5 review

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True Improvement (excitement) vs Repackaging (no buzz)

jalywol wrote:

The G5 sensor is more sophisticated in that it has the A/D converters on the chip vs later in the processing circuit. It has lower noise at low ISOs,

Defending G5 for having great LOW ISO, is as silly as defending a Point/Shoot camera having great low iso (they all do) What really matters here is HIGH ISO, and G3 is a step backward compare to G3.

  • DXO G3 vs G5
  • G3 Sports (Low-Light ISO) = 667
  • G5 Sports (Low-Light ISO) = 618

I'm not here to bash Panasonic. I'm WAITING for Panasonic G7 / GX2 with a new sensor. In the mean time, a $249 G3 is a much better buy and saved money for the upcoming G7 / GX2

The point is M43 users isn't stupid! We see right though Panasonic ploy of repackaging.

  • GF1 -> GX1 is a True Improvment, and m43 forum is excited about it
  • G2 -> G3 is a True Improvment, and m43 forum is excited about it
  • GF1 -> GF2 is a Repackaging = no buzz
  • GF2 -> GF3 is Repackaging into a smaller format = no buzz
  • G3 - >G5 is another Repackaging = no buzz

The G5 does have better looking LCD with better Handgrip, much like a GF5 is over GF3. But those improvement isn't worth the premium when I can buy either an Olympus E-PM2 or E-PL5 with true sensor improvement.

Sadly, I strongly dislike Olympus interfaced & layout, so I'll be waiting for G7/ GX2 this fall. Judging by the news about Panasonic revolutionary sensor improvement, I have high hope for a G7. "7" is always my lucky numbers

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