Finally finished my G15 review

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Re: Finally finished my G15 review

panamforeman wrote:


Appreciate your review. I carefully read it with pleasure. No doubt the G15 is the best of the G series cameras. (Maybe?! I still prefer the G10 at ISO 80/100 for "clean shots" )

However, other than the few Cons you listed, which are kind of "Nitpicky", I do have one major gripe with Canon about the Gs. And that is the tiny sensor. Now I don't think the G15's should be as big, or nearly so, as the G1Xs but it surely could stand enlarging to a degree.

At least they didn't stick with the 1/2.3 in the Gs, which is what most of their compacts still have. I've had several of those. They look good aesthetically, but for the most part take terrible pics at anything above ISO 100, and their video is just plain crappy. I buy one or two of those small cameras every year (from different manufacturers, including Canon) hoping for the best, but am always disappointed.

It seems to me that Canon could make a "G" with a larger sensor and not sacrifice camera size or IQ. Every "G" I've owned (and I have owned them all) I've sold. Except for the G3 (beautiful) and the G10. Just sold my G12. I'm keeping the G1X and am hoping for a significantly improved G2.

Based on your critique of the G15, and others as well, I will buy it. Looking for a deal now.

I always look for your posts. They're most entertaining and informative!

Well I do appreciate that. I think as far as future G cameras are concerned I'm sure Canon will continue the methodical progressive upgrade path they take with G cameras (typically). I like the way Canon approach design- continued improvements on a proven platform inspire fans and buyers alike.

As optics and sensor tech improves you may end up getting the camera you want. But I see no reason right now that the sensor performance is a limiting factor in most circumstances. A bright lens really helps that sensor too, but getting a rather nice ISO 3200 shot from a raw file on a 1 1/7" sized sensor was unheard of at 12mp just 5 years ago. Some DSLRS didn't make images that look as good from the G15's sensor at ISO 3200. Guess I'm easily spoiled.


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