Should I get a 14-140 for my GF2 or go for FZ200 ?

Started Feb 6, 2013 | Discussions thread
battlemac Regular Member • Posts: 488
Re: LX vs. GF

I personally would have the GF2 over the LX because of the ability to change lenses, and the fact that one day I would love to own the 25mm PanaLeica lens(and the 35-100mm). The GF2 with say a 14mm will be the cheaper option as you have the GF2 and you can get the 14mm easily from respected ebay sellers for under $200(more likel under $175) and then if you want in the other pocket have one the $100(from B&H) Sigma lenses, either the 19mm or 30mm. To me this option would be easier(assuming you want to sell the GF2) and cheaper than getting the LX7.

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