Oh, the Irony!

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Re: Oh, the Irony!

Richard Murdey wrote:

After spending a year making fun of the Nikon 1 system, yesterday I bought a V1 and 10mm lens set. (gulp)

You are forgiven, as long as you don't continue to do so!

But seriously, it's easy to find fault with any camera system because they all have them. The important question is whether this camera system meets a particular need or want of yours, or not. For me it does, but others will feel differently, and I'm OK with that.

Before investing in a second lens, though, I'll have to see whether I can live with the V1...

I felt exactly the same way when  I first received my V1 with the kit lens, intending to just use it as a nice $300  P&S. I have to admit that I was not initially impressed with the IQ of the V1 with the 10-30mm kit lens, but I  changed my mind when I  picked up a like new 10mm f2.8 for $99 on ebay just to try it out, but ended up keeping it because I was impressed with it's sharpness at f2.8, micro-contrast, color transmission, and it's ability to use the fast PDAF down to 3 . I then could not resist a refurbished 30-110mm I found offered for $139 and found it sharper than my 70-300 VR at maximum aperture, with better contrast and has nice bokeh and nice color as well. In short, I was hooked on the V1 and it's tiny lenses!

While I disparaged the Nikon 1 cameras for being overpriced, bulky and, in the case of the V1, ugly, I was one of the minority who supported Nikon's attempts to modernize the digital compact camera by dropping a lot of the traditional controls. (This from a guy or normally uses cameras in full manual, manual focus, no metering...) Small-sensor cameras encrusted with buttons drive me nuts: I see no point in twiddling the aperture of a camera that has essentially no DOF control anyway, especially when the camera is perfectly capable of making intelligent decisions about exposure without my intervention. My time with a GR Digital taught me that.

I find the V1 has better PDAF and more accurate metering than my D7000. Better JPEGs too. I found the V1 controls frustrating at first, but now they are second nature and I prefer the handling to my D5100.

So I'm prepared to sign on to Nikon's "just let the camera do the work and concentrate on getting the shot" philosophy. Every review I've read of the V1 praises the camera for its accurate and fast AF, excellent metering, and decent image quality. For a casual camera and just kicking around, the times when I don't want to be bothered with my dSLRs, I just want something that works. The V1 seems to be well suited to that kind of usage case. We'll see.

That's how I use my V1, and that's why I'm keeping it. For family and social photography it's the camera I reach for most often now.

- Jon

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