surprising lack of interest in G5 review

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Re: G5 is just a Repackage G3 without sensor improvements

007peter wrote:

Gunnlaugur Gudmundsson wrote:

Exactly. I'm not interested in a 2 yrs old Repackage camera at a higher price without sensor improvements.

The lack of excitement for G5 MIRROR the lackluster debut for Panasonic GF5

  • GF5 is just a repackeage GF3 with rubber grip
  • G5 is also a repackage G3 with a rubber grip

I havt yet to find any worthy upgrade in G5 over G3 to justify the expense. Making it worst is that G5 is 240% more expensive than an older G3 @B&H Video:

  • $598 Panasonic G5 Body
  • $249 Panasonic G3 Body

Without sensor improvements, G5 is vulnerable to the heavily discounted G3.

You do realize that the G5 and the G3 do not use the same sensor?

The G5 sensor is more sophisticated in that it has the A/D converters on the chip vs later in the processing circuit.  It has lower noise at low ISOs, and, with the current JPG engine, better overall color rendition than the G3.

In addition, the handling and the button access is better on the G5 than the G3....and it has a better LCD.

If none of those things matter to you, then sure, the G3 is the way to go.  It's quite a bargain at $249.

The GF5 also has significant sensor improvements (according to all the reviews that compared it to its predecessor).  However, it is more of a refresh of the GF3 than the G5 is of the G3.

The G5 is a very nice camera. If I had had an older M43 or was getting into it for the first time, I would have chosen it for sure over all of the alternatives; it has great value for the price.


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