DXO Mark Data on Canon 35mm f2 IS

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Donald Duck
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Re: I tend to agree.

Great Bustard wrote:

Donald Duck wrote:

Just ignore those numbers. They used to post useful data but became a joke recently.

On the other hand, single number evaluations appeal to the masses (e.g. DPR's camera reviews), so...

Before, they had the single number as well but if you dug deeper, you could find the actual measurements. Now, the MTF curves are gone, and the resolution is reported in an undocumented (by them) metric ... because ... we are too dumb to understand the MTF curves.

DXOmark: Can you define MTF? Do you know if an MTF20% of 50lp/mm is better or worse than an MTF 50% of 30 lp/mm? And when reviewing an MTF chart, can you distinguish which curve is best? The short answer is probably no.

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