Is it about the final print or the enjoyment of taking pictures?

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Re: Is it about the final print or the enjoyment of taking pictures?

There may be some danger in the relentless pursuit of hardware, but hey, there's worse things and it's great fun.  But when you get the right camera something clicks and you just want to use the thing.  I dragged around a Canon G10 for a few years, regularly passing up fancier equipment I have on the shelf because it felt right and the picture quality was good enough for what I do.  Now I'm carrying an Olympus EPL-5 (the G10 was sent to a nice farm).  Something that the G10 and the EPL-5 have in common is that they both feel like a little brick in your hands, not some cheap plasticky POS.  That's where that not-intangible thing comes in - cameras like these ooze quality, and have a real and positive effect on my use of them.

But it's really about the end product.  I'm ambivalent about the print (paper) thing though.  Even in the old days I would rather do slides.  So putting the output on screen as some kind of presentation is what I typically do, although I will print if somebody wants it.

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