Nikon stock down huge( 19 % ) on bad earnings- smart phones killing sales.....

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Re: Good points. But I think the stock market overreacted...

Joseph S Wisniewski wrote:.

I think the stock market overreacted. They're looking for a reason to panic, so someone gets hit with a bird dropping and they start screaming that the sky is falling.

Looking at Nikon stocks it seems like it rose quite sharply after the november accouncements so I'm guessing alot of the drop is simpley a readjustment to lower profit levels.


I'd put Nikon's failure to cash in on that trend down to any number of things, mostly the reported problems with both D800 and D600.

My guess is a combination of depending on outside sensor production and generally offering more for less compaired to Canon.

I wouldnt say the latter is automatically a bad thing though, Nikon had clearly lost both market share and brand power compaired to Canon, if lower prices are needed to pull those back then they can potentially reap rewards in lens sales in the future, espeically in the FF market where users are less likely to just stick with a kit lens.

Personally I feel that where at a vital point in the DSLR business, specs have IMHO increased to the level where most users are likely happy with them so upgrades are likely to be harder to sell. If thats the case they getting market share right now that will drive lens sales in the future really becomes vital.

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