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Re: F900EXR

bazzap101 wrote:

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Edmund Dorf wrote:

And, . . .

Remember when the F series cameras from FUJIFILM used to be exciting?

Yes, I do. I've had quite a few of them and loved them all.

15, based on your list. I'd say Fuji loves you more than you love them. If you've spent $300 a camera that's $4,500 spent on their cameras.

Ummm.... what does money have to do with it? I dare say many people on this forum have loads of Fuji cameras and they are not concerned about the cost. Me included. I guess Fuji loves me as well.

My latest "F" series is a F200. Might be time to buy a travel zoom. The F900 looks ok to me.

FWIW, the only Fuji that I have had that I did not like was the X-S1. Bought 2nd hand, it was a real POS. Erratic inconsistent AF, droopy lens and "squiggle marks" appeared on the EVF. Flogged it off on Ebay for half what I paid. That said, it was also the best handling Fuji that I have owned and would buy an upgraded model if Fuji ever releases one. In the meantime my S100Fs and 2 S200EXR's are working fine.

Umm, have you considered selling them all, before the depreciate to zero, and get an X-E1 and perhaps an XF1 and and/or X20? Just a thought... Looks like you have serious overlapping of gear there...

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