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Re: What am I missing?

Great Bustard wrote:

Najinsky wrote:

Even though though the Canon Lens had IS it was quite subtle and I had to keep the shutter above 1/100s to get a sharp shot.

How is it that 1/100 on a 24-105mm lens does not give you sharp pics at 1/100? I assume, of course, you were taking pics of a static scene.

Have you owned an IS lens?  Neither IBIS nor ILIS is a panacea... I get 1/fl soft on occasion with either setup (had to trash a blurry 1/15s @ 14mm handheld landscape with my OMD at sunrise just  yesterday).  With my 70-200/2.8IS I find 1/(2xFL) will give "perfect" IS performance.  Below 1/200s is touch and go.

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