A winter afternoon in Florida

Started Feb 4, 2013 | Discussions thread
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tbaker wrote:

Trust me you don't want their over rated 4/3 sensor, and their subpar lenses. It's really the lens that makes the FZ that awesome and hard to beat.

Can't trust this comment, cause I have results that say the  m 4/3 sensor and lenses are quite good :

Cant find the iso 5,000 image that has as much detail as the FZ200 does at iso 800.

As you can see lens and camera are not subpar or over rated. Cheap lenses , too ($100 and $239)

Your experience with m 4/3 might not of been good, but others get good results with them.

Especially anything other than the old 12MP sensor. (oly or panasonic).


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