P7700 DxOMark test is out

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Grobb Senior Member • Posts: 1,229
Re: P7700 DxOMark test is out

The two look almost identical to me according to those graphs. If you are trying to prove one is better than the other using those graphs, you did not prove a thing. The basic differences between these cameras are:

The P7700 has: A sharper lens that makes it much more versatile, especially with its much longer reach. It probably has the best lens in it's class!

The G15 has: Much faster AF and processing times and slightly less noise when shooting in low light situations, from 400 ISO and above.

Depending on your particular shooting needs, only you can to be the judge which is better suites your needs. Both cameras take great images for their class, as long as you do not shoot above 400 ISO or 800 ISO when absolutely necessary. Lets hope they both get larger/better sensors in the next version both companies come up with, and even better IQ than they both have right now!

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