X100 or S in addition to my OMD

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Re: Perhaps try getting the Fuji X20

One suggestion I have is rather than getting the Fuji X 100 you buy the Fuji X20. While the Fuji X20 is a P&S it is (or will be a very capable one). I bought the X10 and it really is a joy to use with a lens with a manual twist zoom, viewfinder etc. The sensor is relatively large by P&S shoots standards and is effectively a 3.9x crop.

So the Fuji X20 with a 25-112m (35 equiv) lens (F2.0-2.8) has a 35mm equiv of F3.9- 11.2.

That is much the same as M43 with a standard kit zoom.

With it you should still get the 'Fuji colors' but you would also have a great 'take it anywhere' pocket camera that would add value to your M43 set up. The X20 has only just been announced so should be in shops shortly.

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