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Re: Orrrrrrrrrrrrrr

Ironmanbud1940 wrote:

When I was using the 7d and promaster flash as a slave. The flash on the 7d would trigger the flash on the slave promaster. When using the new 430ex11 as my 2nd slave I can not use the flash to trigger the new flash without setting a channel and e-ttl mode. I would like to fire both with just the flash and both slaves from flash alone. hope I can do this or my promaster will be of no good to me.

thank in advance

The 430ex can only be triggered in E-TTL mode; it doesn't have an optical-only slave mode.  If the Promaster isn't e-ttl compatible I'm not sure how reliably the 2 can be used together.  This is one reason I've stayed with Canon flashes; I can use 4 together and it's a very reliable and repeatable system.


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