How do you process your images?

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Raw + Lightroom

Dextrorotatrix wrote:

... I've recently upgraded from a canon S2IS (lost it ) to an EOS 600D. I was an "enthusiast" with the S2, an amateur with the SLR now...

I am open to using RAW images for the SLR...

Processing raw files affords great flexibility and control in creating images the way you want them to look -- so I'd encourage you to start using and learning raw processing software.

I've been using Lightroom for years, and I think it's fantastic. As a raw processing application, it's fast, easy to use, and delivers beautiful images. For me, its amazing ability to manage high-ISO noise would by itself be worth the purchase price.

But Lightroom's value goes far beyond processing raw files. It's a powerful database, with great tools for managing your image collection: flags, ratings, keywords, sort/search criteria, collections, virtual copies, etc. It's a complete solution for staying on top of your portfolio.

Lightroom also has modules for printing your images, for creating slide shows, for creating photo books, and for creating web galleries.

I believe an investment in learning to use Lightroom will pay dividends immediately, and in the future as your needs grow.

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