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Gidday Trevor

trevor4455 wrote:

Up to this point have been shooting jpeg but I have been thinking about shooting raw. Does anyone know of any resources where I could learn more about raw and photo-editing?

Yeah, just a few ... I always shoot RAW + LSF (SHQ) JPEG with all three of my bodies - E-1, E-510 and E-30.
And if you like JPEGs from your E-510, you will positively love the files you get by shooting RAW ...

I have the cd that came with my evolt 510. Is that worth using?

The CDR has the Olympus Viewer editing s/w on it. This can be used with both JPEG and RAW. It has very significant drawbacks for both, as assumes the camera setup for the image for both file types ... Using it in 16 bit mode is useless, as it conveniently throws away all EXIF data.

The latter is dreadful, as one of the main reasons for using RAW at all is the ability to map the image data into a far larger colour space than either sRGB (defective ... ) or aRGB (not a wide enough gamut for many common, highly saturated colours). I use ProPhotoRGB in 16 bit mode for editing, saving, printing RAW files.
See this article here:

JPEGs are all 8 bit files, and compressed with data loss. RAW files are 12 bit (for all Olympus cameras ATM) and are compressed without data loss. With JPEG capture, you are (very crudely ... ) losing 2^4 of the data immediately (2^12 - 2^8). This also fails to account for the vast difference in the way that RAW and JPEG files store the data captured by the sensor.

There are also some very useful references in this thread, Reading for Novice Photographers:

Don't forget to bookmark the thread if you find it useful. It deserves to be further up the list of most bookmarked threads than it is. On any other forum, it would be a "sticky" thread (i.e. permanently at the top of the forum ... ).

What s/w are you using ATM?

If you are using any of the products that use Adobe Camera Raw (ACR); i.e. Photoshop, LR, Photoshop Elements (and quite a few others ... ), then the book by Schewe & Fraser "Real World Camera Raw for Adobe Photoshop CS5" is a fantastic resource that tells you all about ACR. It really doesn't matter which version of ACR you are using, as many of the tools are identical (at the user interface level, at least ... ).

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