Oh, the Irony!

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Richard Murdey
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Oh, the Irony!

After spending a year making fun of the Nikon 1 system, yesterday I bought a V1 and 10mm lens set.


In my defense, it was "an offer I couldn't refuse". What is a borderline insane purchase at $900 becomes a "you'd be stupid not to" purchase at $300. And to be fair I stopped complaining after the price dropped below $500 as it did some while ago now.

The other big mitigating factor was the release of the 18.5/1.8. The availability of a compact, "standard FOV" system lens for Nikon 1 means all the difference to me.

Before investing in a second lens, though, I'll have to see whether I can live with the V1...

While I disparaged the Nikon 1 cameras for being overpriced, bulky and, in the case of the V1, ugly, I was one of the minority who supported Nikon's attempts to modernize the digital compact camera by dropping a lot of the traditional controls. (This from a guy or normally uses cameras in full manual, manual focus, no metering...) Small-sensor cameras encrusted with buttons drive me nuts: I see no point in twiddling the aperture of a camera that has essentially no DOF control anyway, especially when the camera is perfectly capable of making intelligent decisions about exposure without my intervention. My time with a GR Digital taught me that.

So I'm prepared to sign on to Nikon's "just let the camera do the work and concentrate on getting the shot" philosophy. Every review I've read of the V1 praises the camera for its accurate and fast AF, excellent metering, and decent image quality. For a casual camera and just kicking around, the times when I don't want to be bothered with my dSLRs, I just want something that works. The V1 seems to be well suited to that kind of usage case. We'll see.


For the record my options for a $300 compact camera, on the used Japanese market (Map camera), came down to the GR Digital III, the LX-5, J1 or S100 (all a bit cheaper) or the X10 or GR Digital IV (both a bit more expensive). The Pentax Q was ruled out for its small sensor and fiddly controls. The final shortlist was the V1, the X10, or the GRDIII. GRDIII cannot do the V1's party trick of switching lenses and I got real sick of 28mm last time I owned one, while the X10 has the orb problem, a "dumb" finder, and a zoom lens which I'm not partial to using. The V1 won on sensor size to price ratio, and the promise of a 50mm F1.8 standard lens.

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