rx100 the one to beat?

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Re: Possibly the X20, but we don't know...

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marike6 wrote:

Lastly of the 1/1.7" sensor cameras, the Pentax MX-1 looks excellent. There are some full-sized samples and RAWs at this Spanish website that look quite good (not as good as the RX100 IQ), but at over $150 less expensive, and with the nice tilt-able LCD, other than the X20, I find the MX-1 to be the most interesting as any of the new compacts, i.e., G15, P7700, XZ-2 et al.

isn't MX-1 just a slightly retro-styled XZ-2, with less controls? I cannot imagine it is much better than XZ-2 when is shares the same lens and sensor ...

Maybe MX-1 can win on price. In Europe XZ-2 is almost same price as RX100, I doubt XZ-2 can compete at that price level. G15 and P7700 are not much cheaper, but those have a different design that may attract certain buyers.

I never said it was better, but it's smaller, like the design more, and I definitely prefer the lower price.

In the US, the XZ-2 is $599 (much too close to m43 IMO), the MX-1 is 496 USD, and the G15 and P770 are around $450.

Love the brass top and bottom plate of the MX-1 and retro design.  If it were not for the X20, I'd have pre-ordered the MX-1 already as I had good results with the XZ-1, and the lens/sensor of the MX-1 is similar.

All the Best, Markus.

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