Our battery life issues will eventually...die. Can you say 10k shots per charge?

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Re: agreed

Equals Nothing wrote:

RedFox88 wrote:

Osvaldo Cristo wrote:

Anyway I think smartphones can benefit of that significantly. Even the ones stated as better battery usage performers are poor for high demand people.

Agreed. This new battery is for high drain devices such as phones, music players not digital cameras that often are turned on for 20 seconds then off again.

This may be true, but two things here. I would rather have a 15k mAH than not, and there are some pros who shoot five thousand shots a session

Yet that is not the standard use of cameras, an exception.  Don't design for the exception.  If you buy a 1D X or D4 those are cameras that might be candidates for newer much  more expensive batteries but not the general camera range.

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