How often do you crop?

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Guidenet wrote:

just Tony wrote:

What I really don't get are people who refine an image only to then chop off part of it to fit a piece of paper. I cut the paper to fit the image.

Heheheh.. that can cost a pretty penny in supplies. Frames, masks and such are a whole lot cheaper in set sizes and a whole lot easier to find.

Somebody better get Nikon and Canon (camera division) talking to Epson and Canon (printer division). 

Oh wait, the D800 has that nice crop ratio that fits papers and the most common frames directly. So somebody thought out the whole chain.

Finally it's easy to find 2:3 pre-made frames with mats. That only took about 70 years. They are still greatly outnumbered vs the 4:5 ratio though. So the prices aren't bad but the selection suffers.

I'm not sure many take a great composition and chop it up because the mask is cheaper.

I included that thought because image chopping for another external reason has been admitted to at least once in this thread.

Along with thinking up front about the aspect ratio and adding extra room for it, I also consider a little that is hidden by the mask. Leave a smidgin for that. A little pre-planning helps for when you know you're going to crop and how much you intend to.

You are so right about that. Everyone who prints, crops.

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