1d mark iv instead of a 5d mark iii

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Re: I have owned both

XeroJay wrote:

I know both like the back of my hand, and I can't believe how many here would actually recommend the 1DIV of the 5D3. The 5D3 is superior in most areas that count. The iq is better, the AF is FAR better than the 1DIV, you can get a new one for less and it's smaller and lighter.
The only thing that the 1DIV does better is drive a few lenses faster and has a faster shutter with a more satisfying click. Forget the 1.3x extra reach bs that some will sell you; it's negated by the fact that pixel pitch is pretty close and you'll have similar results if you simply crop the 5D3 to 15mp/aps equivalent.

To be honest, the 1DIV had the MOST frustrating AF I've ever experienced with a canon camera in anything close to low light conditions.

The 5D3 has a smaller buffer than the 1D4. That could be a drawback for some sport/action shooters.

I believe the 5D3 cropped down to the 1D4 fov would produce a 13.2 mp image. But that should still be enough for most applications. Here's a guy at FM that cropped a 5D3 image to the fov of the 1D4. Although his test was done low iso.


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