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Re: Latest Fujifilm Quarterly Result

You have no specific information from within the company - only the public financials which only show what FujiFilm want you to know about how funds are distributed between divisions.

Fuji's own report has a caveat " After elimination of intersegment transaction" - now what do you think that means?

Your take on how detailed public financial reports are is amusing, but appears to be very basic.

As usual, you are abrasive when challenged, which doesn't help anyone.

You are free to draw your negative conclusions - It's pretty much expected based on your posting history

Please refrain from the drama though.

It's interesting to see how you edit the report from FujiFilm, in order to avoid information which doesn't back your position.

You quote "sales of such high-end models as the X series proceeded smoothly"

But you don't quote the full statement from FujiFilm, which is "In the electronic imaging business, a decline in overall demand for compact digital cameras caused sales to decrease. However, sales of such high-end models as the X series proceeded smoothly."

Which points to a global decline in the market.

The same statement goes on to say "Despite the decrease in revenue, the profitability of the overall segment has improved, owing to strong sales in the photo imaging business and measures to reduce costs."

Again - it does not fit your end goal - but there it is in print from FujiFilm

Go to Page 5

People are smart, and talk is cheap - especially on forums - I don't think your repeated posts on FujiFilm's financials, followed by your typical negative analysis on the X-Series, fools anyone but yourself.

Posting history is a great tool you've been trying the same routine to trash Fuji since 2010

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