No D400 or D7200 at CP+ sweepstake for nexr announcement date?

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Re: Q = d7200? A = marketing

astwood1285 wrote:

Nikon's marketing is widely derided and with some justificaiton. However even they should figure out that a range that has D3200 and D5200 would be more reasonably topped off with a D7200.

Since when are Japanese camera companies logical?! LOL! Nikon went d70, d80, d40, d90, d50, d60 among two different "classes" of cameras.  Their current/old naming system isn't logical though they are getting better with their 3000, 5000, and 7000 series.  Buyers are intelligent enough to not get concerned about a d7100 that may be next to a d3200 on a shelf.

Tht's a much more logical

There's no logic to names, even with Canon or Toyota or Ford!

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