Is Micro 4/3 "Dead" ???

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Charles Pike
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Re: Is Micro 4/3 Dead, no but maybe the DSLR DX is.

No, it isn't that the USA is into big and beautiful, it is the fact that the camera companies send there equipment here last.  Thom Hogan wrote sometime ago, that the companies are selling off their old stock here.  One we don't have many places to see a m 4/3 or mirrorless camera.  Most of our camera stores have closed, so people like me come to a site like this to find out what others think about their cameras.  I don't think m 4/3 is dead, but I have now all of the equipment I want and don't plan on buying more for some time.

Now DSLR's might be dead in the near future, at least the DX models.  M 4/3 has replaced the DX models as they produce as good, and the price of FX is getting to where it is pushing the DX buyer.  But who wants to carry all of that weight around.  Not me.

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