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Re: shooting raw

There's nothing mysterious about shooting raw. It all depend on whether you like tweaking your photos - which for me at least is part of the creative process. I found that once you overcome the hurdle of learning to use a raw processor - I use and recommend Lightroom 4 - the fact that you're working with a raw rather than jpeg file become immaterial.

I usually shoot raw + LSF jpeg, and for holiday snaps or party shots, the jpeg is usually fine. But If I'm shooting anything I might waht to work on (like a camera club competition shot), I'll always start with RAW.

As far as software goes , there's plenty out there. Olympus Viewer is a free download (the version on your E-510 CD is quite out of date by now), but even on a fast PC, I find it very slow. As I said, I like Lightroom, and it's available as a free 30 day trial from Adobe. It has the same raw engine built into Photoshop, but the interface and some of the features are different and I find it easier to use. I cant really speak for other applications, but you'll find plenty of information on the web. Many are commercial, but some are free (eg Raw Therapee).

Things to consider:

  • When you shoot jpeg, you throw away information captured by the sensor
  • The jpeg engine in your e-510 was put there by Olympus in 2007 and hasn't changed since. Software raw developers are constantly being updated and (hopefully) improved.
  • Many raw developers are non-destructive. If you don'y like the outcome, you can go back to the beginning, or any point in the process, and start again


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