Video, manual focus, and e-mount lenses vs legacy

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Re: Video, manual focus, and e-mount lenses vs legacy

I too find I feel happier with manual legacy focus control glass for video, although my mix includes lenses that are opposites for closer (and further) so sometimes I lapse into the wrong move. But no breathing focusing, ever.

On the other hand no OSS on the manual glass, and I do love getting off tripods. So for zooming and longer lengths I tend to use the SEL18200 OSS unless I have a heavy tripod and plenty of time.

I have been playing with building a back-packable collapsible, light weigh (1.5kg),t 3m jib for RX100 video and find that is showing promise... the OSS and focus of RX100 are often very good, plus nice manual focus options.
Servos next...

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NEX 7, 5N, OSS SEL18200, kit1855, 16mm & 12mmUWA, Sigma30 plus various manual glass

Showing my ignorance here, I had just assumed that at some point along along the way the focus direction would have become standard on all lenses. Is one more common than the other?

Also, can I ask what specific manual lenses you've been happy with for video?

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