Fujifilm XF1 RAW using (free) Adobe DNC 7.3

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Re: Probable reason...

Mark H wrote:

RStyga wrote:

I've been trying to convert my XF1 RAW files using the latest free Adobe DNC (Digital Negative Convertor) ver. 7.3 and the converter insists on converting the 12MP RAF file into a 6MP DNG file, not a 12MP one. Any ideas, anyone, why?

My guess (without looking into it too deeply)...

I would suspect that the existing DNG standard may not fully/properly accommodate the unconventional EXR CFA layout.

Since the EXR CFA layout is effectively that of two interwoven Bayer CFA patterns, it's a very quick and easy compromise solution (for Adobe) just to convert the 12MP EXR RAW into a 6MP Bayer 'RAW'.

The unanswered question though - is, whether this conversion uses both '6MP halves' of the EXR RAW data, or simply discards one halve - hopefully, it would be the former (although that is not without some complications re EXR-DR - so possibly not).

The artifact configuration, present in the 12MP JPG and ACR images, is consistent with the EXR CFA one. The resulting 6MP DNC DNG image does not seem to have it, which supports your idea.

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