Can I print the date on prints using CS5?

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Thanks for the response. I guess I was spoiled when using Canon software in the past. It was VERY easy and a no-brainer. I could try the text feature in CS5. Thanks for the kind suggesttion.

Canon Person

I have some Canon stuff myself a 20D, 1D2 and 1D4 bodies the two TC converters and four lenses 180mm f3.5 L macro, 24-70mm F2.8 L, 70-200mm F2.8 L and 300mm F2.8 IS L. However I have no Canon software installed for I'm spoiled for I have Photoshop and a bit of a programming background. IMO you were not spoiled you were lucky and found some Canon program that had some options you liked.

You would be absolutely correct in stating that Photoshop is not easy. Photoshop has a huge learning curve and it takes quite some time to become a proficient user. However Photoshop is powerful and offers two automation features Actions and Scripting. While Actions are easy Scripting takes some programming knowledge. Scripting is not for the faint at hart while some simple thing can be done with a few lines of code learning to Program Photoshop well may be as huge as learning Photoshop. You must also know Photoshop well.

I put together a Crafting Actions package that also contains a dozen scripts I wrote to be used within actions. To show you the power Photoshop Automation I created a script I hacked from my StampExif script to just add a white text layer in the upper left corner of an image with text sized for the image size. The Text layer is the date and time the image was taken according to its EXIF. I also created an action to style and position the layer to the lower right corner 20px up from the bottom and 20px in from the right edge.

Crafting Actions Package UPDATED Aug 14, 2012 Changed AspectRatioSelection Plug-in script added Path support.


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