rx100 the one to beat?

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Re: rx100 the one to beat?

Wow, this thread is amusing...

Is it not fairly obvious that the OP is referring to cameras of similar size? While not explicitly stated, based on subsequent posts (some people don't seem to be reading the entire thread carefully), I'd say the OP isn't just looking for "pocketable" but for TRULY pocketable, i.e., PANTS pocketable. This is the WHOLE POINT OF SONY'S DESIGN, and comes with tradeoffs obviously.

Based on size, as plenty of others have pointed out, there is simply no comparison to anything else available. For a truly go-anywhere design, RX100 wins where it counts. Of course, if I didn't mind something slightly larger, I wouldn't have bought the RX100 - but any modestly educated consumer should be able to figure that out given all the reviews out there.

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