A real Impeachable Offense, and the Republicans are silent

Started Feb 6, 2013 | Discussions thread
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How about this solution:

Chato wrote:

So here is Obama claiming extrajudicial powers, and only leftists are screaming about this seizure of extra judicial power.

What can be a greater violation of the Constitution then claiming the right to kill ‚ÄčANY ‚ÄčAmerican, on the basis of "Trust me?

Might not a prudent and reasonable person conclude that a US citizen who conspires against other citizens and conspires to overthrow the US government and who HAS plotted and implemented the deaths of many citizens has abrogated his right to citizenship?  In the same way that the Japanese did NOT declare war when they bombed Pearl Harbor but left no doubt as to their intentions.

Anwar al-Aulaqi was a member of Al Qaeda, the sworn enemy of the US.  What more does it take to renounce your citizenship?  Do you really believe he expected to bask in the freedom of being a citizen or was he using his knowledge to attack more effectively?

US citizens who turn on us are WORSE than other enemies - they are turncoats on top of being an enemy.  They are spies.  They get shot.  In this one endeavor I agree with Obama.

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