Upgrading from a D7k and wondering, D800 or D600?

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Re: Upgrading from a D7k and wondering, D800 or D600?

The Battery wrote:

D800 Pros: (vs the D600)

  • Ergonomics, AF system, IQ, ISO

The main thing I'm interested in is the AF system. I never liked the D7k's slow AF, specifically at receptions in low light... High ISO wont be a huge deal for me since I usally make my own light and try not to get above 1600 if i can help it... If i really need to push the ISO I could just downsample to somthing like 16MP for the deliverable anyway...

D800 autofocus is fantastic. Despite lots of people yapping about problems on internet forums, the AF system is brilliant - my camera is fast, decisive and accurate. And the high ISO is incredibly good. I have no problem using ISO6400 at weddings or events. Even 12,800 is ok in emergencies.

D800 Cons:

  • 36MP, no U1/U2, 4fps

36MP is more then I need. I suppose it'd be nice to have incase i want to print some wall paper... My computer can handle it and I have plenty of storage, but 36MP just seems like way too much. I will shoot in the full most uncompressed RAW version possible otherwise i'll feel like i've waisted somthing, so JPEG is out of the question.

There no such thing as "too much". You dump the raw files into lightroom and you can export jpegs at any size you want. 36mp gives you the ability to crop or print larger, if you want. If you don't use 36mp worth of resolution in every single shot, it doesn't matter.. it's not "wasted". Use the lossless compressed raw files which are ~45mb

The 4fps isnt a huge drawback, but it will definitely suck. I've gotten better at timing and can usually anticipte the moment instead of spraying... Plus, if i know i'll need 6fps, i can either go into DX mode on the D800 (confirmation?) or use my D7k.

This is far. 4fps is a limitation, and using DX isn't really a good solution IMO. If you do need 6fps and switch to DX mode, you also need to move 50% further away from your subject or change lens.. not exactly practical.

I shoot manual pretty much all the time so the U1/U2 also isnt a deal breaker but i think i will miss it mainly for being able to reset back to known settings...

This is fair too. Slightly annoying that the d800 doesn't have such a feature. I also find the ISO button placement annoying and not friendly for manual shooter who don't use auto-ISO.

Anything else I should be aware of / have missed in my pros/cons? Also, the cost difference isnt a huge deal.

The d800 image quality is incredible. I'm very very happy with mine. Autofocus is fantastic, and the AUTO af point selection seems to read my mind. Metering takes a bit of getting used to in terms of learning how it will meter any particular scene. Build quality is good and hardy and I feel like I can trust it.

I also wrote a review with some thoughts here: http://www.frescoglobe.com/2012/07/16/nikon-d800-hands-on-review/

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