Comparison between G15 and P7700 image quality

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Re: Comparison between G15 and P7700 image quality

Steen Bay wrote:

technic wrote:

thanks, interesting; also confirms my impression from these cameras. But it is strange that the G15 scores lower than S110 (with supposedly the same sensor), and lower than the 1/2.3" SX50. And P7700 remains way behind the Sony RX100...

From what I understand the lens quality does not affect these DXO ratings; maybe the higher quality (less compromised) P7700 lens is more important than the sensor quality difference?

What gives the P7700 a slightly higher score is mostly that its measured base ISO is a bit lower (meaning that the P7700 sensor can 'handle' a bit more exposure than the G15).

Ehhh! for color sensitivity, there's quite a difference, especially under ISO200:


For noise, they're close, but P7700 is still slightly better. In fact, Dxomark doesn't measure here P7700 best feature: lens sharpness!

Dxomark noise measurement.

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