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You're not getting it.

Look at the OP's first post.  He wants a display with 100% sRGB coverage for image editing.

You're going to get around 70% to 80% sRGB with any of the 1080P displays that HP has available with their 15" Envy lineup.   Just look at reviews with comparisons to sRGB and you'll see what I mean.

For example, this is a review of a newer HP DV6-7202eg with the latest "15.6" diagonal full HD anti-glare LED-backlit (1920 x 1080) display".    Click on the comparison to sRGB and it can't come anywhere close to covering it:

That's the same display in the DV6T-7300 models you can get as an option.

You'll also see it with this DV6-7214nr model as standard in the U.S. lineup:

It's better in some aspects compared to the optional 1080p IPS panel you found in the older early 2012 15" HP Envy models, as those were hard to calibrate (where you ended up needing to use an odd gamma setting) and drew lots of complaints.  The old model covered around 80% of the sRGB color space (and the new 1080p display found in the latest Envy 15" models doesn't appear to be that good from what I can see of charts).

In contrast, the Apple Macbook Pro Retina 15" display almost perfectly covers the sRGB color gamut (right at 99% of sRGB).

To get a 15" display covering that much of the sRGB color space in the HP lineup, you have to move into one of the workstation class machines from HP, like the HP Elitebook 8570w with it's optional Dreamcolor IPS display (a $500 add if you use the customizable option, as it's only standard on the more expensive preconfigured listings).

Then you'd have a display with all of the sRGB color space *and* virtually all of the Adobe RGB color space

Dell also offered that same 15.6" IPS panel on it's M4700 and previous M4600 models.  It's an interesting design using RGB LEDs for backlight (since white LEDs won't cover a wider color gamut).  But, it's no longer available as an option on the Dell models (and rumor has it they had too many issues with it).  You can still get it with the HP 8570W though.

In any event, Apple's Retina display is a super design, covering virtually all of the sRGB color space, without the issues you see with wide gamut displays that try to cover the Adobe RGB color space, too (like oversaturated colors when using non color managed apps like you'd see with the HP Dreamcolor option with a workstation like the 8570W).

The Apple design is interesting, where you see normal apps at the equivalent of 1440x900 so that text is very readable is also neat, with Retina Aware apps automatically making use of the full 2880x1800 display resolution (the highest available in a laptop) for some portions of the image.

Apple's Aperture, Final Cut Pro, Safari and other apps can already use two different resolutions on the same page (where some elements are upscaled from 1440x900 and others are at the full native 2880x1800).

With Windows, you have to use DPI scaling to get readable text trying to use something like 1080P on a smaller screen.

The Macbook Pro is also a smaller and lighter laptop than you'll find with competing models with similar processors and battery life (and you can get up to a Core i7 3820QM in one (a $250 add in the higher end Retina config).

Yes... a Model like an Apple Macbook Pro loaded with 16GB of memory, nice 2880x1440 retina display with over 99% coverage of sRGB and a fast 512GB SSD is not cheap (putting the OP at the top of his budget).

But, there's really nothing around that offers all of what it does in competing models if he wants full sRGB coverage (as indicated in the first post to this thread).

So, if he's got the money, that sounds like a really good bet, versus compromising in one way or another with a different laptop (display quality, size/weight, etc. if trying to match it's processing power).

Of course, it's got it's downsides, too (virtually impossible to upgrade the way it was manufactured in order to pack so much into a smaller chassis design), and it's a very "pricey" machine.

Would I buy one?   Nope.  Not me.  I couldn't afford it.  But, if he has the money for it, it would be hard to beat.

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