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Re: Windows 8 Survival Guide

Some updates.

When running the "Classic Shell", since I have the taskbar on the right side of the screen, (instead of at the bottom of the screen), the Windows 8 "charms" icons would pop up over the taskbar every now and then. This was quite annoying. Well, I discovered that the Classic Shell has an option to disable Win8 corners. This is a wonderful option. No more Win8 annoyances!

To disable Win8 corners, right click on the Classic Shell's start icon and click "Settings". Select the "Windows 8 Settings" tab and tick "Disable active corners - All". ("Skip Metro screen" was already checked to allow booting directly in to the desktop.)

If you want to get to Win8's UI, press the windows key + C to get the charms bar.  Then click the Start icon.

I helped a lady friend setup her new Dell XPS8500 that came with Windows 8. Her first impression at my house when I had her PC to set it up was that she didn't like the Windows 8 user interface. Now that she's using the Dell at her home, she refuses to use the Win8 UI. If the Win8 UI was the only option, she would return the XPS8500 and buy another PC that comes with Win7, or buy Win7 and have me install it on the Dell.


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