Panasonic 100-300 or ......?

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Re: Panasonic 100-300 or ......?

Pedagydusz wrote:

I have been reading most of this thread, and I am getting quite disappointed, especially by the bridge camera crowd.

These posts really make the point, unwillingly, for the OP to skip this part of the plan and buy a DSLR for the trip. If the best a Panasonic camera with a tele-lens can do is as good as a bridge camera, with all its limitations, please, go buy your DSLR, a Canon 60D with a 100-400 would be much better!

Note that I don't believe this: I have seen some really good safari photos with the GH-2 and the 100-300, by a former poster of this forum (Terry, I think the nickname was tbNewyork, or something similar), well beyond the bridge camera league. May be that just proves that it is the photographer that matters, not the gear. May be a bridge-camera type of photographer excels with that equipment, and would not gain anything by going to more advanced equipment!

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The problem is the OP haven't invested much into MFT. At the moment his MFT collection isn't up to scratch for African Safari and the GF3 isn't suitable for Panasonic 100-300mm.

I had been on Safari a few years ago and used a compact superzoom at the time. You either need all in one camera to cover close up shot to long range or need to invest heavily in an interchangable lens camera system. This means multiple camera bodies equiped with various lenses. This allow the photographer to cover pretty much all the shooting challenges and limit the dusts coming into contact with the sensor.

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