1d mark iv instead of a 5d mark iii

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Re: 1DIII + 5DII to 1DIV

trulandphoto wrote

I resurrected this rather than starting a new thread. I'm considering downsizing to one body, a 1D IV instead of my 1DIII and 5DII. Of course, I have a 50D hanging around if needed.

My reasoning is that I love the 1DIII and find it useful for landscapes with the 17-40 and great for everything else. But the 10MP is a bit limiting for cropping purposes.

I figure I could just about trade the 1DIII, which I bought used and the 5DII, which I bought new less than a year ago and has under 4K actuations for a nice 1DIV.

Why not the 5DIII ?  For landscapes it provides a wider fov than the 1D4, and 22mp to crop from.

Although I have not priced them recently, I believe there's not a lot of difference in price between a used 1D4 and new 5DIII. And the new 5DIII comes with a warranty.

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