Finally finished my G15 review

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Re: Finally finished my G15 review

Thank you Carl for the really GREAT review.

I am very fond of those subjective insights, which add for a more concise notion about the camera.

say, I'd appreciate your advise:

My G12 "is sick" and needs a repair (which costs about 60% the price of a new G15).

I guess the G12 broke just because I returned to be beloved 20D DSLR, for a while...

The G12 has its benefits, but the use of the DSLR (besides its weight) is a delight.

I have a dillema, especially for those who had both G12 G15 and a DSLR:

Is the G15 better in a respect that worth the upgrade, or wheather i should you opt for repairing the G12?

Do you believe the Fuji X20 (forgive me for mentioning it, but i find the use of the zoom as if it was DSLR, great benefit) would be superior, should I wait a while?

truthfully, I liked the G12, but it was a bit sluggish for me (I have an 8 yo daughter and a 3 yo child...)

thanks in advance

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