Wish I had a tripod and on land

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Humboldt Jim Senior Member • Posts: 1,071
Re: Wish I had a tripod and on land

Nice shots, goldberry,

Messing about in little boats in backwaters is one of my favorite ways to photograph.  Connecting anything, even a monopod, to the boat is problematic as it is bound to transmit some motion or vibration from the boat to the camera.  My best results are to face the subject and let your body compensate for boat motion kind of like hula dancing or surfing.  Looks and feels weird but seems to work; even feels good once you get the hang of it.

If in a kayak try to face the subject as close to 12:00 as possible or if on a thwart straddle it and shoot from the side of the boat.  Standing on larger boats works best.

You can reduce camera motion even more by using a monopod or collapsed tripod as a pendulum for a poor persons "steadycam".


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