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Re: New info...maybe only $11k

Steve Balcombe wrote:

BigBen08 wrote:

According to this video review, the price may be as low as $11k

Let's keep hope alive!

I've been trying to work out the status of that review, since I first saw it a couple of days ago. I would have thought anybody who has been given official access to this lens would have signed an NDA, so either Canon has sanctioned the 'review' (such as it is) or he has got hold of the lens unofficially. But whichever, I suspect he has no more idea of the price than you or I.

By the way, in the video there's a classic example of why real photographers can be the worst people to get technical info from. At 1:27 he describes IS Mode 3 as "for use on a tripod" - has he never used any of the MkII superteles?

Yeah, the part about mode 3 was weird. And I could not find any sample images taken with this lens on his site or blog. He also says the lens weighs less than the 500 f4. If true, that is encouraging. Although he didn't say which model 500 - the old or new.

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