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Re: Shutter Damaged

LOL. No what I mean is for the cameras that may be pleagued with the lubricant issue, that you can speed up the process or to confirm existence of the issue by running a simple test.

- place the camera in manual focus & manual mode and take a out of focus shot of a white wall at f16-f22.

-place the camera in CL/5fps/JPEG low quality/shutter speed around 2000

-shoot 200-2000 shots (take breaks in between)

Now pull up the images and checkout the end result. If the images look about the same as the start you are in good shape. If you have a bunch of spots all over the sensor (mostly left side image), you have a lubricant splatter issue.

The rapid activation of the shutter will cause the excess lubrication to become more active and will get some of it off. Doing this will require a wet cleaning afterwards. This will also use up some of the shutter life but atleast you can have confirmation of the issue or know where you stand. I did this a few times in a way to reduce my issue and I would rather get rid of most of it before wedding season starts (less to touch up). By coincidence some vendors will not take a camera back after 200 shutter count so make sure this is not done if you plan to return the camera and this kind of sucks for people because they dont know they have the issue till they pass the 200 shutter count.

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