Nikon's cameras more weather resistant than Canon?

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Re: The 70-200 f/4 is not weather sealed

BartyLobethal wrote:

Keep that in mind. I daresay the weather sealing of any camera / lens combination is only as good as the least weatherproof component.

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Unfortunately, it's more complicated than that.  You can have 'temporary' water / humidity ingress - typically at the lens / mount junction.  This can confuse the camera for a while but drying it out ** usually ** returns the camera to normal.

You can have ingress into parts of the camera like the LCD or other electronics that totally fry the part.  This seems to be more idiosyncratic - various posters talk about needing replacements of one part or another on different cameras.  This can show up hours / days / even longer time frames later.

Fogging of optical surfaces is another, usually temporary but often annoying problem.

This is why manufacturers aren't going to be very specific about waterproofing on DLSRs.  On smaller cameras without removable lenses, we're seeing 'waterproof' cameras to a defined specification (usually a military spec since they are public and well known and sound cool).  But these cameras don't have the buttons / dials / flaps etc that DLSRs have.

That said, many, many photographers have spent thousands of hours in the wet with only minimal problems.  I've found that the first problem I encounter is the front surface of the lens.  When that gets water on it you lose contrast, focus or just start getting interesting artistic effects.

So, if it's more that just damp, I cover the camera in something.  Often a plastic bag (cheap, easily stuffed in your gear, can be used as a hat), sometimes a full blown Kata system (can also be used as hat but you get funny looks).   I've soaked a D100 to the point where water dripped out it - a night next to the hair dryer made it all better.  I'm pretty sure the AF system on my 70-200 VR I finally died (after 10 years) secondary to water damage but that was my primary field lens and had spent countless hours on a boat or kayak.

Everybody else around here shoots Canons and has pretty much the same experience.  It's frustrating because you're never going to get a clean answer but them's the breaks..

I've got to the point where I'm like my Labrador Retriever - embrace the rain.  Beats sitting inside.  Besides, replacing broken gear has some advantages. ("Honey, I need a new lens, the old one broke.")

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